Why the United Utah Party(UUP)?

Problem Solvers

First and foremost, UUP is about solving problems, which is why you serve in the first place. It is not about fame, popularity or influence. UUP candidates put people ahead of party and are not afraid to work with anyone.


As the name indicates, UUP starts with the idea of uniting Utahns. We need to work together constructively to solve problems. We need to treat others respectfully and with dignity regardless of differences or past grievances. United we stand, divided we fall.

Not the Democratic or Republican Party

While nearly all of my friends are Republicans or Democrats, their party leadership lately has been more interested in arguing against each other than serving the people of our country. To face the challenges before us, we need to go in a more constructive direction. We are not getting new wine out of old bottles.


The influence of extreme leadership styles and positions has been increasing in national and local politics. It is difficult to have civil conversations regarding many topics, ie immigration, the environment, entitlement programs, budgets, gun control, abortion, development. I appreciate UUPs willingness to tackle these issues constructively from the center and unwillingness to revert to my way or the highway approaches. Love they neighbor as thyself.

Good Government Focus

As someone who majored in Public Policy and has studied our government for years, I was struck by UUP’s focus on term limits, rank choice voting, non-partisan elections, simplified tax code, non-gerrymandered borders, and smaller government. All ideas I have supported for years.

Fresh Start

More than anything I needed a clean start and a good conscience. I was tired of the baggage my old party had accumulated and their anger toward other positions/people. Above all else, I needed to be true to myself and joining with UUP was how I could do so politically.

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