Raised in a blue collar democratic patriotic home outside Philadelphia. Mother explored the political landscape, joining Students for a Democratic Society(SDS) in college before joining conservative NSA in Washington. My father’s mother was a Ukrainian refuge(history has repeated) during the Bolshevik Revolution whose sons served in Vietnam and Korea against communism. Father was a blue dog pro-union bus driver.

Patriotic Inclinations

One of my earliest memories was the bicentennial fireworks celebration in Philadelphia. (Scared me to death). Touched Liberty Bell and walked Independence Hall many times. Dad wanted me to be more educated than him. Graduated with BA from the Thomas Jefferson School of Public Policy from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VA. Have been learning ever since. Worked for (D) Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey for a while.

Switched Parties

Ironically, while working with the Democratic Party, I became convinced that the Republican Party better aligned with my evolving principles of smaller government and conservative values. Problem was I only knew a handful of Republicans that I liked. The ones in Virginia were not of my ilk(Sons of the Southern Aristocracy). However I am a raving fan of our founding fathers and the party concepts better aligned with what I had read from them.

Moving out West

Moved to Utah for the money and the woman. In April 1997 graduated from BYU with an MBA and the next day married my wife Vera. She is an immigrant from Argentina who is all too familiar with inflation. We speak Spanish in our home and eat lots of meat and pasta. Vera has a Cooking Show. Cocinando con Vera. Look it up.

Career and Family Life

Have lived in Utah ever since, primarily American Fork and Highland. Busy raising four children and serving in the community. Children attend(ed) Freedom Elementary, Mountainville Academy, Mountain Ridge Junior High, and American Fork High. Still not thrilled with common core(Federal Education). Enjoy reading, writing(have written a few books), and cheering for BYU sports. Along the way became a CPA and have worked in investment banking, manufacturing, and defense industries in finance and accounting leadership roles.

Switched to UUP

The nomination of Donald Trump for president by my party, left a bitter taste. (Had known of him and President Biden growing up in NJ 40 years ago). I felt the party had sold out their principles. Final straws included exacerbating the federal debt, misleading signals on climate change, increased extremism, and justifying the Presidents indulgences for the short-term good of the party. While feeling disenfranchised, I read articles about the United Utah Party and found many common interests. I’ve been re-energized and given hope by UUP’s focus on civility, moderation, and compromise, as the best approach’s to healing our wounds and solving our civic challenges. See the Why UUP? page.