National Issues

Where to start

Listed below are the concerns that keep me up at night as I think about this great nation and the challenges it faces.

Government Debt

The lack of honesty and the political self-interest of national decision makers has saddled us with generations of debt thanks to colluding “leaders” in Washington uninterested in the long term benefits to the citizens. It would seem they only agree on increasing the debt ceiling so they can continue to buy votes and favors. Stop weakening the dollar or it will be replaced.

Chinese Challenge

Working for a large defense subcontractor, it is obvious to me that our number one national external threat is the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). They want to dominate the world under their centrally controlled ideology. We are presently in an undeclared war with them. If you love the US, do your part not to buy goods from or make goods in China. I know it is not easy. They are coming for Taiwan. Talk about supply chain issues and the breakdown of globalization.

Environmental Concerns

For years, our political leaders have buried their heads in the sand while air pollution, water shortages, garbage, fires, and global warming have hurt our quality of life favoring business interests and delaying environmental improvements. The cost of their negligence continues to increase.

Extreme Voices Driving Decisions

As each party has moved toward appealing to their bases(encouraged by social media fire fanning), it has been increasingly difficult to express a consistent national voice. Who are we? What do we believe? These answers are easier when we elect leaders that express the values and ethics of the moderate majority of its people. They share our stories.

Political Corruption

Our democracy is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Without these fundamentals our institutions will fail. We see this failure in broken campaign promises, self enriching, refusing term limits, and political favors prevalent inside the beltway.

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