Let’s work together!

Establishing a more perfect union that builds consensus, solves problems, and ensures equality of opportunity

I love this country and this state. Sometimes I’ll walk outside look at the mountains and wonder if everyone could feel this peace there would be no room for anger or strife.

Unfortunately, there are many man-made problems our leaders are unwilling to address that are impacting our quality of life in this state and nation: Inflation, pollution, immigration, public debt, health care costs., cost of education. The list goes on. Many of these issues have been problems for years. Now with social media making compromise harder than ever we need leaders who see between extremes, call a spade a spade and want what is best for the people.

I am running for Utah house district 54 representing Alpine, Highland, and Cedar Hills as a member of the United Utah Party (UUP) in order to address these issues by obtaining consensus across the political spectrum where each voice is heard, and no alternatives are dismissed. Only by being united and focusing on the needs of the majority of our citizens can long term solutions be applied to overcoming these challenging issues.

We can’t solve the problems before us by catering only to those that support our views. We need support from the entire community which requires leaders take more moderate positions and voters to pick more well-rounded candidates.

Although I am well out of my comfort zone running for office, I’ve always felt the best people to be in public service are the ones least likely to run. I appreciate your support. Please tell your neighbors that there is a non-extreme choice for public office in Northeast Utah County.

More Transparency

Trust in public officials continues to decrease. We need term limits, open primaries, open meetings, and money out of politics to restore trust.

More Civility

We need to be a kinder gentler people if we are going to be a standard to the nation. How can we come up with better answers if we are not listening to all our neighbors?

Better Results

As transparency and civility increase, we’ll work together to derive consensus driven solutions to our pollution, immigration, cost of living, growth, and social problems.

I run to make a difference and humbly serve the people of my community – my home.

– Drew Matishen

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